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Child Care Health Consultants

Since 2001, Healthy Child Care Colorado has served as the statewide hub for Child Care Health Consultants in Colorado, offering ongoing support, training, and resources for those medical professionals serving children in early childhood settings.

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What is Child Health Care Consultation?

All licensed child care centers and preschools in Colorado are required to have a minimum of one monthly visit with a Child Care Health Consultant — a medical professional who assists the program in meeting and exceeding basic health and safety standards. These professionals also serve licensed camps, school-age programs, and family child care by offering trainings. Child Care Health Consultants play a unique and critical role in supporting the health, safety, and wellness of children in early childhood settings.

A Child Care Health Consultant must hold a current Colorado license as a registered nurse, pediatric nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, or pediatrician with knowledge and experience in maternal and child health. Child Care Health Consultants are also required to:

Health consultants offer the legally required transfer of authority, known as delegation, so trained early childhood staff may administer medications and implement special health care procedures for children in their program. Child Care Health Consultants also help with creating program policies related to health and safety, illness and injury prevention and documentation, infectious disease management, health and safety trainings, consultation in the classroom, emergency preparedness, infant safe sleep, and sharing helpful community resources.


Healthy Child Care Colorado serves as the statewide hub for Health Consultation in Colorado. We work on the local, state, and national level to strengthen awareness and support for this unique and critical role. We collaborate to provide the following support, training, and resources to the network of Health Consultants in Colorado:

•   Ongoing training and technical assistance related to the health consultant role
•   Regular informational webinars on topics related to health, safety, and wellness
•   Email forum and regular newsletters
•   An online library with best practice resources, materials, articles, and templates
•   Child Care Health Consultation Competencies
•   Regular learning and networking gatherings provided in collaboration with other Child Care Health Consultants

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Child Care Health Consultation Competencies

We partnered with statewide early childhood experts to develop a set of competencies for the practice of Child Care Health Consultation in Colorado. Competencies are an essential part of a professional development system because they are a common set of standards, clear definitions about what knowledge is needed to provide quality services, and serve as a solid foundation for practitioners.

Find a Child Care Health Consultant

If you are looking for a Child Care Health Consultant, you can contact us at 303-339-6811 or

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We thank The Colorado Health Foundation, Colorado Department of Human Services, the Child Care Health Consultants of Colorado, and Children’s Hospital Colorado for their generous support.


Child Care Health Consultation 101

This 4.5 hour training offers Child Care Health Consultation information and resources to those nurses and physicians serving in this role in Colorado early childhood programs. The on-line Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC) training is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.


Cost: $25


By participating, you will earn 4.5 hours of training in the Health, Safety, and Nutrition domain towards the annual licensing requirement of 15 hours of ongoing professional development. Snacks provided.

Child Care Health Consultation 201

This 5 hour training helps experienced Child Care Health Consultants build their competencies through self-assessment, group discussion, and reflection. Participants will practice using a new Health, Safety, and Wellness Assessment designed for to be used with programs.


Cost: $25


By participating, you will earn 5 hours of training in the Child Care Health Consultant Skills and Strategies domain towards the annual licensing requirement of 15 hours of ongoing professional development. Meal provided.

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