Although almost everyone is reluctant to go through an evaluation or assessment process, it is necessary to help us determine where we are, where we are going, and what pieces we need to see the big picture. Assessments are important pieces of the quality puzzle. There is not one single aspect of an ECE or school age setting that defines quality; it is a combination of characteristics including safe and engaging spaces, quality materials, leadership and business practices, the teaching team, family dynamics, personal relationships, and lastly, but most importantly, the needs of children.

Why Utilize ECE Assessments?
An ECE assessment is a strategy for measuring quality. Assessments are tools and processes that offer an understanding of quality and can be the first step toward quality improvement. Our menu of assessments targets the components of early childhood education that have been identified through research to positively impact children’s learning outcomes. We are proud to offer a broad range of valid and reliable assessments that offer the framework needed to invest strategically in quality improvement.

In addition to the feedback on the learning environment, many of our tools support providers with direction for professional development, offer centers and homes information for use in grant writing, develop best practices in business and program management, and assist in earning points within the state’s Colorado Shines Quality Rating.

As you prepare for the school year, consider using one of our two assessments currently counted for points in Colorado Shines to offer feedback to your program.

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®)
This assessment measures the emotional, organizational, and instructional support offered by the teacher. Results of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System offer information for your classroom teachers in their professional development. The individualized report for each classroom gives teachers direction in improving their connections with children, increasing children’s engagement in activities, and supports intentional instruction that improves future academic outcomes for children. Participation in the observation can add up to ten points in your Colorado Shines rating. Learn more.

The Certified Playground Safety Inspection (CPSI)
This assessment makes sure your playground is safe for children while earning points for your future Colorado Shines Rating. Results provide information about your outside spaces and equipment. This is crucial in ensuring children’s safety on a daily basis, but also contributes to plans for improvements, future budgetary considerations, and supports programs in their pursuit of grants to improve their space. Learn more.

Ongoing Quality
With many years of experience in the early childhood field, our quality rating specialists are experienced in using over a dozen different assessment tools that provide a baseline of information for programs to develop an improvement plan. Our specialists maintain reliability on the tools we offer, which means they are consistently checked, tested, and monitored to ensure fidelity with each tool.

Our goal is the same as your goal; to provide the very best learning environment for Colorado’s children. We are eager to help more providers evaluate their current program and plan for meeting the needs of the children and families they serve.

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