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Program Administration Scale® (PAS)

Best practices for early childhood education businesses

The early childhood Program Administration Scale or PAS® assessment considers the administrative practices involved when working with families and children including human resources, personnel costs, budgeting, center operations, program evaluation, family partnerships, marketing, and technology. Results from the assessment can be used by early childhood leaders as a springboard to improve daily operations, maximize capacity and revenue, retain and reward talented staff, and plan for future growth.

Participants in the Program Administration Scale quality improvement process receive:

  • An on-site assessment and report measuring administrative practices
  • An opportunity to increase points awarded in the Colorado Shines Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) category of Leadership, Management, and Administration
  • A guide to professional development and assistance identifying areas in which a program can grow

Interested? Send us an email

WHO: Center or Preschool

WHERE: Statewide

COST: $400-$450 depending on the number of classrooms; prices vary due to travel costs and schedule restrictions

INQUIRE: assessment@qualistar.org

Having a strong business foundation and sound leadership are crucial to program quality. This puts the program in a much better position to support children’s development and potential.

Tim E. Garcia, Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Director
Early Learning Ventures