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Funders & Donors

“The impulse behind philanthropy comes from the fact that human beings are inherently generous. We’re social creatures, and we care about our families and communities. For the most part, we want to bring about a better world—whether we define “better” individually, in our community, or our faith tradition—and we dedicate time and energy to efforts that make this possible.” —Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation

Foundation & government supporters Corporate donors Individual donors

Foundation and Government Supporters

Corporate Donors

First Bank
Kaplan Early Learning Company
Lakeshore Learning Materials
Lakeshore Learning Materials
Kaplan Early Learning Company
First Bank

Individual Donors

The following individuals have donated $1,000 or more.

Stacy Buchanan
Busse Family Foundation
Ted Eckles and Trinna Tressler
Bob and Suzanne Fanch
Scott and Karen Fast
Herb Fenster
Jeff Berthold and Carli Franks
Heidi Ganser Lang
Lynda Goldstein
Barbara Grogan
Kyle and Kathryn Harris
Suzanne Helburn
Gloria Higgins
Andrew and Meg Kauth
Lindsay Leuthold
Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne

Paul Lhevine
Brad and Melissa McQueen
Scott Hutchings and Erin Mewhinney
Wally Obermeyer and Helen Ward
Carrie Okazaki
Dave and Cici Peterson
Steve and Janie Radcliffe
Thomas Radigan and Catherine Henry
Matt and Katie Rustici
Clay Sparks
Bradley Trujillo
Sandra Wick Mulvany

In addition to being fully tax-deductible, individual and corporate gifts to Qualistar are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit. This credit allows donors to claim an income tax credit of 50 percent of their total contribution on their taxes.

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