Quality is non-negotiable

Elevating the quality of early childhood education

Imagine a Colorado where all children start kindergarten ready to succeed. This vision drives our work. In order to build a high-quality early childhood education system, we empower professionals and enhance learning environments through the following:

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Develop and Deliver

We collaborate with state and local entities to effectively develop and deliver what is needed most, where it is most needed. Scanning the early childhood landscape, we identify quality gaps and drive innovation in systems and solutions, while advocating for high quality in early childhood education—defining, defending and promoting its importance across Colorado.

The Future of Qualistar

Dear Qualistar Community, We are writing to you today to report on the future of Qualistar. Qualistar believes without question that investing in early childhood development is the single most transformational way to support our future generations. With that vision...

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How Qualistar Develops a Training

By Phyllis Lucas, Director of Professional Practice: Sometimes an idea comes to me while I’m driving. Sometimes it’s something a director, teacher, or coach says. And other times it’s an article I read from Zero to Three, or Child Care Exchange. And sometimes it’s a...

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Elevating People & Places

Our mission is to elevate the quality of early childhood education in Colorado by improving everyday practice of professionals, and by building safe, supportive environments.

Continuous Quality Improvement

What does a high-quality program look like? What are the key drivers of quality? Take a few moments to watch this video introducing you to the amazing teacher and leaders at the Rocky Mountain Children’s Center in Cañon City and Kid’s Castle in Aurora. In the video you will learn about the types of programming, services, and interactions that happen in high-quality settings as well as the ways that Qualistar partners with providers to reach higher levels of quality.


Why Quality Matters


of brain development occurs before a child's first day of kindergarten

A child's vocabulary at

age 3

can predict third grade reading level, a strong indicator of lifelong success

Employee absenteeism due to unreliable child care costs U.S. businesses

$3 billion